Friday, December 16, 2005

A little trouble wih authority

I have a friend, an associate perhaps. To maintain anonymity we will now refer to this friend as Ivan.  Ivan is a very strong willed person. Emotionally balanced, exceptionally talented, but has on occasion been accused of having trouble with authority.  Now I do not mean that in the “rebellious teen trouble with authority”, nor in the “bohemian stick it to the man trouble with authority”, more in the “I’m a busy person, therefore the rules don’t really always apply to me”.

The trouble with authority moniker first appeared when Ivan made an illegal left turn.  Unfortunately and officer of the law was close at hand and took offense to this violation of posted rules and ticketed Ivan.  Ivan made some remark, which led the officer to reply with the ohhh so famous “you have trouble with authority”.

I have seen this spark rear it’s tiny head many times in the years I have known Ivan, mostly it is tiny little acts of rebellion that never lead to much.  There has been the occasional parking ticket, a speeding ticket here or there. To be honest I kind of find it an endearing trait in Ivan. It reminds me of the strong spirit that lurks inside. The spirit that had guided Ivan to be the successful person they are today.

Mind you sometimes your better qualities come back to bite you on the ass. If you read my previous post you know we are struggling with a bit of snow today. School buses have been cancelled and a normally hectic day is made even more so.  It turns out that Ivan had nipped out to a job interview in between her morning meeting, her afternoon meeting, lunch a bathroom break and picking up the kids at 3:30.  Since Ivan was on such a tight schedule the van was parked in a less than opportune spot. Having finished the meeting Ivan returned to find that van had been towed.

On top of all that to find out where your vehicle has been towed to you require a license plate number, which Ivan could not remember (being a fairly new van and all that). All the documents that had said license number on them were in the van.

So if you happen to see Ivan, or talk to Ivan today, you might want pass out a hug.


At 12:02 PM, Anonymous grandmaman said...

Dear Ivana...oops I mean Ivan.What may seem like traits that others wish you did not have make you even more endearing to some people close to you. Life gets better as spring approaches.


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