Monday, December 05, 2005

The War Has Begun!

Ok so maybe I over-used my firm voice just a little bit on Friday.  Maybe my threat of bright pink Dora the Explorer snow pants was pushing it, but the little bugger retaliated.

Shots have been fired and lines drawn in the snow.  You know what he did? He “accidentally” forgot his snow pants at school on Friday! He “accidentally” forgot his boots at school on Friday and wore his in-door running shoes home.  

Sure he has tried all sorts of excuses like, “it was the day of the my first confession”, “I wore my dress clothes home with Mommy”, blah, blah, blah  I know the real truth, he’s pushing me.  Well okkkkkay Mr. Too-Cool-To-Wear-Snow-Pants, guess what it snowed last night, this morning there was 3-4 inches of white fluffy all over the ground.  Think you are getting away with the running shoe and no snow pants.

Nope this morning my strong-willed little fella walked out the door with his mother’s boots on and his mother’s snow-pants.  He’s lucky I did not pull out the duct tape to ensure they did not fall down.  I am sure the wails of anguish were heard in Toronto.

I will win this battle!

And for those keeping score at home, he did have a somewhat legitimate reason for forgetting his stuff, and it was less of a battle of wills than I am making it out to be, I can be guilty of taking creative license on occasion.


At 5:36 AM, Anonymous grandmaman said...

Big time LOL. I know my son and can read between the lines. Boy are you in for an interesting middle age...and not because of of your own personal crises either...more like your boys' hormone issues.

At 7:24 AM, Anonymous krys said...

two important parenting words to remember but not always easy to use--"natural consequences"


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