Monday, November 28, 2005

Hey Baby, why don't you take off those clothes

It’s ok mom you can keep reading. I am not talking about that kind of “Hey Baby”.

My third child, the 2 year old, is just at the transitional stage where he is outgrowing his afternoon naps. Not everyday mind you but we can keep him up on the occasional Saturdays. The nice part is we are leaving the phase of having to be home for 2+ hours on weekend afternoons. The downside is that the witching hour from 6-8pm can be challenging and our day care provider no longer gets those quiet afternoons while he is sleeping.

Of course on days when he does have a nap, especially if it is a long one, come bedtime he tries to convince us he is not tired, unlike his parents. For the most part this is not a problem as he is a very good kid and content to play in his crib till he falls asleep. But on occasion he can be a bit of a monkey. I think “busy” is the term used to describe him.

A couple of weeks ago after the 2 big boys had fallen asleep we were disturbed by a very loud bumping, thumping and giggling coming from his room. Upon investigation we had found that he had stripped his bed, completely. Pillow removed from pillowcase, both tossed over the side of the crib, soother, blankets, and stuffed animal gone. Crib sheet, crib pad and liner also evicted from the bed. Remake the bed; settle him down, head back downstairs. 15 minutes later he repeat the performance.

Since then there has only been 1 other crib stripping incident.

Last night as I was getting ready to head to bed around 11:30, the youngest started to cry. I hustled upstairs to see what was wrong. He was cold, no blankets and he was lying there shivering. I found it odd that my wife, he is far more concerned with keeping the boys warm in the winter than I tend to be, had put him to bed in just a diaper. Being a good husband I figured she had her reasons and snuggled him up, added another blanket and then went to bed myself.

It was not till this morning when I asked her about it that I understood our littlest has a future career as a Houdini impersonator. As it turns out she had put him to bed in pjs, a full piece pair complete with full toes and a big zipper. She also told me that yesterday morning when she went in to get him he was stark naked, no pjs no diaper nothing. Apparently, as he said, “his bum (diaper) was broken

This one is going to make 2 a very, very long year.


At 11:00 AM, Anonymous grandmaman said...

Almost stopped reading this one. Just wait til he strips in the summer and runs around outside.

At 2:45 AM, Blogger Yoda's Papa said...

If he were to take a note from his oldest cousin, he might decide to not only remove the diaper, but also to investigate the contents. On realizing that the contents do indeed stick to his hand he might try to wipe it off on his PJs. But since they were already off, he might try his hair. If that didn't work he would try his crib, the wall, the mattress, and the little sweet swirling mobile hanging from the ceiling. If all that failed, then he might decide, as his cousin once did, to pipe up and demand a change in venue. Shit happens - particularly when there are long periods of devious silence.

Enjoy the year!


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