Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Question of Taste

A couple of nights ago we served up some tacos and burritos for supper. While a messy meal, the boys love the do it yourself/self serve assembly of the meal.  A little ground beef, some lettuce, some cheese and a pint or two of guacomole and we have the settings for a gourmet meal.  This is a pretty good meal because nobody really complains about what is served. By nobody I actually mean my eldest as he has the most food aversions.  On the other side of the coin is my middlest that pretty well likes everything set in front of him.  

While some say I am a picky eater, I tend to disagree. I am not overly fond of most vegetables and seafood, but throw me some Indian, Thai, or Vietnamese and I am all over that.  A couple of months ago I discovered I also love Mongolian.

I have felt a certain kinship for boy 2 because we have journeyed the same culinary path. We both like spicy foods and curries.

Anyway back to the tacos. Aiden has an affinity for dill pickles, preferably the Tangy Dill Bick Sandwich Stackers.  For some reason pickles are summer foods and we have not eaten them for some time.  While I was cooking up the ground beef and trying to feed the kids some carrots Aiden asked if he could have a pickle. I looked in the fridge, dug out a jar from the back and he sat back happily crunching away. When dinner was served he had not had his fill of pickles yet so he grabbed a taco, loaded on some ground beef and slapped on a pair of pickles. Then he proudly announced  to the table he had made a pickle taco.

The reaction was what you would expect. Liam started to fake gag, Yvonne gave him I-love-you-but-you-are-disgusting-look and Keegan continued to lick Guacamole off his chip and re-dip.  I on the other hand was kind of intrigued.

Think about it, I eat pickled hot peppers and jalapenos on my tacos. It is not just the spice, but I like the tangyness as well.  I figured why not, and besides I felt like supporting my little middle child.  

So I whipped up a burrito and slapped on a dill. You know what, it was pretty good.  I think if I pick up a jar of the spicy dill sandwich stackers we might be on to something.


At 6:44 AM, Blogger Yoda's Papa said...

You and number two get off the sauce...

But if that don't work - try adding little bits of meat to a gelatinous mix - then cover the whole thing with some wierd mayo mixture...add your pickles - and you can call it lunch (or at least they did today here in corporate Germany)

At 11:25 AM, Anonymous grandmaman said...

Hey my middlest and your middlest amd me have spicy , tangy taste buds in common. Could it be in the genes?


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