Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Taking "who's on the phone" to the Next Level

What have I done!

Like my wife and I don't have enough issues communicating with each other while 3 boys are ryunning around underfoot. Now both Yvonne and Liam have MP3 players. They are both bopping around the kitchen listening to Green Day. I am trying to follow my wife's intructions for making the spinach-water chestnut-pumpernickel bread dish.

I keep asking questions and getting no response.

I have resorted to holding up signs.

1 cup of mayo?

When is your dad getting here?

Mind you I have just confessed all my sins of 2005 to her. Not my problem if she couldn't hear me. :-)


At 1:54 PM, Anonymous grandmaman said...

Are there any areas of limits for the use of mp3 players...like in the bedroom? If not, how are you gonna differentiate between,,"yes, yes, yes" and " YES! YES! YES!"?

At 7:16 AM, Blogger bbsgirl said...

LOL...I just read Yvonne's blog and never knew you had one too....I come over here and get an equally funny post to read...The 2 of you just have broken my pissy mood. Thanks a bunch and I have bookmarked yours as well.

I'll be stopping back again.


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