Thursday, March 02, 2006

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My good friend and blogging matriach Dani often dabbles and deals in topics that are more geared towards the fairer sex.  In an act of kindness she will mention such at the top of her blog post giving the male readers an opportunity to move on to more neutral topics if they so please.

By nature I am a curious beast so it is rare indeed when I will not take the time to peruse her rumblings in an attempt to increase my understanding of our female friends.  There have been multiple posts in her blog over the last year(s?) regarding bras.

Apparently the purchase of, fitting of and general day-to-day wearing of bras is a large issue amongst our xx chromosome friends.  While I have made an effort to understand the issue, I believe it truly requires walking a mile in her shoes, or in this case her support garments. No I am not coming out of the closet as a transvestite, though, if someone ever really markets a manssiere I may be all over that.

It occurred to me at one point that perhaps the problem is that men are more of a visual beast and that is why I am having some issues understanding the issue at hand.  So with a little google-fu and some luck I went searching for a visual aid.  I figured this was a better idea than suggesting to Dani that pictures may aid her posts.  

My google-fu was strong and I found the perfect link… so I sent off an email to her.

I know from time to time you have tried to detail the difficulties that women of your "stature" face when purchasing a bra, leaning over a cold desk, or doing athletics.
I know you have warned the poorer sex away from your blog when those types of discussions are forthcoming.
To be honest I have always felt that perhaps you have taken the wrong approach. Instead of warning the men away perhaps you need to illustrate the problems in a manner in which they can comprehend.
While not a psychologist on any level I have always felt that men are a visual creature, and perhaps with the correct multimedia aids you can get your message across.
Since I am such a great friend and admirer of your blog I give you this gift as a method of illustrating your issues.
Always here to help.

Much to my dismay my idea was not received with the enthusiasm I expected.

Um, no thank you.  That was disturbing. Post it yourself, blog boy!  After that German sex-ed thing, this is mild...

Sound advice if I have ever heard any.  So here you go. But before you begin I should warn you that it is not pornographic and is a tool used by a commercial website that sells sports bras. That being said it does feature CGI rendered boobies and may be NSFW.


At 5:51 AM, Blogger DaniGirl said...

I stand by my original comments. Truly disturbing.

And for the record, anybody whose nipples ricochet around like that needs more help than just a good bra...

At 3:54 PM, Anonymous cardeia said...

I have/had one of these bras, and my goodness they put your girls in lockdown mode. I wore mine to gallop and loved it.

But yes, the simulator was quite the thing... if I could get my girls to do that, I would have to thin kabout a career change, no? *grin-wink*


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