Monday, February 20, 2006

A weekend in Ottawa


5:00 AM The alarm goes off.  I stumble out of bed, get dressed and go start the SUV.  The temperature reads –26.  I wake up Liam and get him dressed of we go for a 6:00 AM Hockey game.

7:15 AM arrive home, decide to not wake the wife with freezing hands and start making breakfast.

7:45 AM the rest of the house wakes up, we eat.

9:00 AM I am heading out the door to CAN-Skate with Aiden and Keegan, Yvonne is staying home to assemble good bags with Liam.

11:00 AM Arrive home after skating, start assembling lunch, swimsuits, and party stuff.

12:00 AM head out the door to Liam’s Birthday Party.

1:00 PM Birthday Party at Kanata wave pool starts. 10 seven-year-old boys, plus our younger 2.  I set of parents stay and help (thank you C&G ).

2:15 PM The 2 little ones are done. Aiden had just finished vomiting because of swallowing a pool full of water.  We tried to warn him, but he was stubborn about it. Thank-fully we got him out of the pool. I take the 2 younger ones, dress them and entertain them in the pool foyer.

3:15 PM Party room. 10 seven year olds, they have a cd player and dance music. ‘nuff said

4:30 PM we are heading home

5:30 PM I get an IM from a buddy, his wife is sick and he has an extra ticket to the NickelBack Concert, asks me if I want to go. I’m in.

6:15 PM heading to the concert

7:00 PM concert starts

11:15 PM concert over. Car is in the back lot, 15 minute walk, wind howling, -35 I swear.  

11:45 PM still trying to get out of the parking lot( who the hell designed these exits) Car is not warmed yet, shivering uncontrollably.

12:00 Midnight  home, in bed, Still freezing, no wife to warm me up, she is sleeping with the eldest. Apparently she had a bad dream after watching a scary movie and moved to his bed. Takes me hours to fall asleep, music thumping in my head, ears ringing.  Maybe I am too old for concerts.


6:15 AM stumble downstairs for Advil, apparently I am too old for this shit.  Pounding head-ache borderline migraine. I don’t know if it is from exhaustion or the fumes of the concert’s pyrotechnics display, or the loud music.

6:15- 7:15 AM Waiting for Advil to kick in, or the thing in my head to finish kicking it’s way through my skull.

9:00 AM I wake up. Blessed wife let me sleep in…Head clearer. Shit I nee to leave for Liam’s 10:00 AM hockey game. Get up, grab more Advil, grab kid, grab hockey bag, and stop at Timmy’s make it to game.

11:15 AM heading home from game.

1:45 PM heading out with Liam and Aiden to Ottawa 67’s hockey game. Liam’s entire team is there.  After the 67’s play, Liam’s team has a game, compete with announcer, spotlights and big time show.

2:15 PM Arrive at the game, boys are hungry, claim they need food( they ate at 12:00). Thank-fully Yvonne packed me a bag of snacks.

2:30 Boys are hungry

2:45 boys are hungry

5:00 Leave Aiden with some of the other parents and go get Liam suited up for his game.

5:30-6:30 PM Liam plays; a drunk from the previous game joins us to watch. He is a happy drunk. He spends the first 2 periods singing various Hockey songs and cheering wildly, for both teams.

7:00 PM shower, PJs teeth, bed for the boys.

9:00 PM phone rings, sister in law calling, someone has hit her car (she is ok).  


At 8:07 AM, Blogger DaniGirl said...

You need to get out more! ;)

(I heard the Nickelback concert was cool - I'm jealous!!)

At 12:35 PM, Anonymous cardeia said...

And thus you come back to work to recuperate!

It sounds as if you had a lovely weekend with your children, and a chance to do something for you, despite the headaches and early mornings.

I am not allowed to complain anymore when my life gets hectic. You win, cowboy... *grin*


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