Monday, February 20, 2006

Valentine Day Post Report

After 13 years of marriage the wife and I are not huge into Valentine’s Day.  I am not saying that a friendly annual corporate reminder of a day of love is not nice, but the focus has become making, getting and distributing valentine’s for/on behalf of the kids.

Of course I would not be foolish enough to completely ignore the day and so I picked up a little something for my wife to remind her I was present in her life amidst the hockey, crazy hair days, and school cake raffles. She also picked me up a little something, a very nice box of premium chocolates hand made at a chocoatier(sp) here in town.  She even got milk chocolate for me because she knows I do not like dark chocolate.

To date I have not opened the chocolates, I was saving them for a special evening, a little romantic time between her and I.  I was figuring we could snuggle together under the sheets, I could slowly open the box and hand feed them to her, perhaps letting the heat of our bodies melt the chocolate, letting it drip down across her…  Well you get the point no need to go further right mom….

Well like I said, that was the plan. Unfortunately when I awoke this morning I noticed that someone had opened my box of chocolates… not only opened, but also consumed them (and yes I did feel like Papa Bear from Goldilocks).  At this point I would like to blame my golden-haired boys so as to not have to face the reality of the betrayal sitting in front of me.  But alas a quick inspection and I knew who our resident Goldilocks was.

“Member how I said that my wife had gotten “milk chocolate for me because she knows I do not like dark chocolate.”  Apparently she really does not like milk chocolate, because she did not really consume them, it was more a sampling of them all, and looking for one that might meet her needs.  So what was left was a box; wrapping shredded; cockroach husk’s of half chewed, slobbered, licked and pre-moistened, remnants of my valentine’s my gift.

Oh yeah I felt the love. (


At 6:24 AM, Anonymous cardeia said...

Never get between a woman and chocolate when she needs it. *grin*

Men do not understand the absolutely crippling and overwhelming desire for soft and velvety chocolate. Dark, milk, combinations... it doesn't matter.

Chocolate can soothe hurt feelings, bring a bad mood to its knees, and provide the necessary means to fulfill even the loneliest of women... *ahem*

So take it from a woman who cannot keep chocolate in the house for fear she will consume it all at once... its not something we can control all the time... its a compulsion, an obsession. A need.

(of course there are those that will differ with me... and this is, of course, tongue-in-cheek)

But remember Garrad... All is fair in love and war. So use that devious noggin of yours, I am sure you can come up with a proper rebuttal to the chewed chocolate caper! *wink*


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