Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Problems with Peer Pressure

We are having a problem with peer pressure in the house. It seems like every time we turn around somebody else is doing something cool and we have to follow along.  I am trying to be understanding with this. I am trying to remember my own childhood needs to fit in.  But there comes a time when blindly following your peers and their decisions crosses a line.

Last night that occurred and to be honest I really had hoped that I would see a blossoming level of maturity when it came to making this decision. I mean come on; she’s in her 30’s.

Did I mention I am not talking about my kids, but my wife?

Last night I worked late, when I got home the house was empty.  I started tiding up the kitchen and then heard the garage door open.  Several seconds later my eldest son burst through the door, a smile, stretching from earlobe to earlobe, was plastered across his face.  Racing in his footsteps was boy 2, also wearing a face splitting grin… and both of them were sporting mohawks. Coloured mohawks. Real honest to goodness, hair cut on the sides mohawks.

You see today is crazy hair day at school; traditionally we have used some blue hair gel to accent the boys for the event. Yvonne decided that in preparation it was also a good time to get the boys hair cut.  While she was there she ran into a neighbour that has an older boy.  B is 11 or 12 and plays competitive Atom-A hockey. Liam idolizes him.  Since crazy hair day was coming up, and the hockey playoffs his mother decided to let him get a mohawk.  Well monkey see, monkey do. Since B was getting one obviously so Liam required a mohawk as well, and what Liam gets so does Aiden.

I dunno where my strong willed wife disappeared to. The wife who refused to let her son grow out of his “mushroom cut”. The mother who fiercely guards her children; who enforces dress code and behaviour; who raises little gentlemen. (OK I know what happened to her; she got ground down by three boys).   But still… MOHAW|KS????

To be honest the hair will grow back and the boys are walking on cloud nine.  In the big scheme of things this has really made Liam and Aiden happy and really that is all that counts.  

I am just glad that the situation was not reversed and I was not the one sitting in the hair studio, because I am pretty sure had I done this Yvonne’s reaction would not have been the same as mine.


At 6:41 AM, Blogger Yoda's Papa said...

All I can say is a certain cousin better not succumb as well - cause he might not get back through German immigration next week!

On another front, I here you are attempting to cop out of coming on Thursday night? Did I mention we have not seen you in 6 months?

Do I really have to wait another year (cause we may not come over the summer) to shoot the shit?

At 12:43 PM, Blogger Garrad said...

The deadline for the project was last Friday, we are already pushing 4 days late :-(.

They are not leeting me take time off till we deliver.

For the record my stuff is done, the rest of the team is behind.


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