Friday, January 06, 2006

Technology Part 2

In and around Christmas my sister and I were talking about MP3 players. She had mentioned how she had wanted one, and how she also wanted the FM broadcast attachment. I had never heard of such a beast before so I asked here what is was.
It seems you can buy a doo-hickey that attaches to your MP3 player and broadcasts the music on a low power FM frequency. You can then tune any FM radio into that frequency and hear the music.

I thought that was kinda cool and wanted to see if the MP3 player I had bought for my wife had such an accessory available. A few clicks later and there I am at the web page looking at this.

This version allows you to stream the music to your car radio, which makes sense since in Canada it is illegal to drive with headphones on. I also noted that the website was having a boxing week sale and the accessories were all 60% off making it about $20.00 to buy. What a deal… clickety-click Internet trick and the purchase was on the way. I figured it would make a nice anniversary/valentines day/I love you gift at some time in the future.

What I didn’t count on was for someone to open the package before I got home last Tuesday, even though it was clearly addressed to me :-(

Since it was no longer a surprise gift I decide to test it this morning. It is way cool. It was dirt-simple to use and worked flawlessly out of the box.

I am really impressed. I dial the frequency I want up on the transmitter, match it on the radio, hit play and badda-boom instant streaming audio.

Technology rocks.


At 7:27 AM, Anonymous grandmaman said...

You two lead the most interesting the time you BOTH bought the exact Robert Bateman painting and both confided in me. My Christmas surprise arrived at the door one day when hubby was at work. There was the delivery man with a computer chair at the front door and could not understand my stunned look as I had no inkling. I thought is was for the previous house owner but the name was a dead giveaway. Hubby walked in after work and simply stated, " they were NOT supposed to deliver it". I just went to pick it up. Surprises come at the most surprising moments. I take em when I gets em.

At 2:23 PM, Anonymous krys said...

Did I just understand that right??!?!?!?I, your completely technologically inept sister knew about some funky cool gadget before GARRAD, GOD OF ALL TECHNOLOGY??! Say it ain't so.

Still not fair that my 7 year old nephew has a mp3 player before me:(

At 5:47 AM, Blogger Garrad said...

Patience Big Sister, your birthday is coming


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