Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

Can there ever be too much hockey? Why wait till mid-February for a 67’s game when we can head back to the Corel Centre, uhhm I mean ScotiaBank Place this weekend for the

Insert drum roll….

Senator’s Super Skills competition!!!

With the Winter Olympics this year causing a 2 week NHL suspension ,there will be no All-Star break and hence no All-Star Skills competition. The Senators decided to host their own, and surprisingly to be completely reasonable about the tickets. $7.50 per person. At that price we are hauling out the whole famn damily, and meeting Uncle P and his girls.

Mind you I bet by the time we are done we will be several hundred dollars in the whole. Add $7.00 hot dogs and $5.00 popcorn and three boys and well you get expensive. Oh that and the wife really wants to get the boys Sen’s jerseys, which are probably in the 80.00-100.00 range (we’re still discussing that).

p.s. I also managed to find some shots of how I want to landscape the backyard.


At 5:37 AM, Anonymous grandmaman said...

hey we ahve a backyard in our neighboorhood that is landscaped like that. Only the ice is melted away and the plastic lining had slipped away to one corner. Guess hockey dreams are reserved for the north.


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