Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Big League

My boy's gonna play in the Big League
My boy's gonna turn some heads
My boy's gonna play in the Big League
My boy's gonna knock 'em dead
The Big League

-Tom Cochrane

Well ok he’s not going to play in the big leagues, but he did get to watch. What is the best way for a 7 year old to end an exhausting hockey weekend? With a trip to see the Ottawa Senators play a game of course.

My company was generous enough to give me some awesome 100 level tickets to the Sens vs. the Leafs last night. Liam and I went and had a blast. It was a good solid game, unlike Saturday night’s blowout, last night the Leafs actually showed up and decided to play a hockey game (sorry Grandpapa). I picked up a Senators pennant for Liam and he spent the night screaming and waving it and getting into good-natured “discussions” with the “elderly Grandfather” beside him, who was decked out in full Leaf swag. I taught him that every time the Leaf’s fans started with “Go Leafs Go”, to reply with “Golf, Leafs, Golf”.

By mid-second period the effects of his weekend were starting to show and his head kept leaning up against my arm, however the lights, sounds and screams of the fans kept pumping him up every time he started to loose the fight.

By the time we pulled into the driveway he was sound asleep and I had to wrestle my young bull moose out of the car and up the stair. That boy is starting to get too big to haul around. It is not that I can’t carry the weight, but all those dangling legs and arms get caught on things.

This morning I let him sleep in as long as I could then I had to prod him awake, He was still very tired but managed to be good-natured about it.

Next on the list we have an Ottawa 67’s game coming up. Though Liam will be attending I am focusing this one on Aiden having some “dad time”.


At 5:46 AM, Anonymous Grandpapa. said...

The Leafs are just catching their breath and when their injured players get back, watch out.

At 4:24 AM, Blogger y-vonne said...

It seems to be an awfully long, deep breath then. :-)


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